Hi everybody! Dang I love Bernie Sanders! Like many of you, Bernie is why I decided to go from only voting in major elections to becoming a Democrat to volunteering then caucusing then delegating then lo-and-behold speaking as his surrogate and now running as a National Democratic Convention Delegate. His character and commitment to change astound, and I’m with him on every point of his platform (see it here). But I also have very personal reasons I’m supporting him, some of which you can see in the videos linked at the bottom of this. As a 46 year-old mother of three, we MUST take back our society from the influence and hopelessness of corporate greed. Dystopia is NOW. Only Bernie can stem the tide.

I am ready to use and leverage every skill I have to get Bernie on the ticket at the Convention in Philadelphia, speaking, bridge-building, caring for people while sticking to my guns, getting it DONE. Heck, I’ll sing if I have to. Please watch the videos and find me on Facebook here. Stay tuned, and thank you for watching! 🙂 Funding a trip like this is an adventure, and though I’m not rich in money, I am deeply rich in friends and support from those who follow my writing career. I’ll have a book out in June, and many of my friends have already pledged to support a Philadelphia trip. So let’s go! Here’s that video (might be hay still in my hair from farm-sitting for my brother all week, but hey…):

Why Bernie video 1

Why Bernie video 2

The Bernie Surrogate Speech at the El Paso County Democratic Convention (and what happened right before it)

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