I wrote today on my insides,

in my veins and heart and gut,

no paper,

no pen,

while going through my mom’s clothes,


wanting to embed and celebrate her impeccable style and joy in my life

by wearing them


wanting to wash away the fabric softener scent,

even as I knew it to be hers.

3 thoughts on “The Writing Today”

  1. The universe blseesd me with three incredibly soulful, gifted, and dynamic siblings. Two are my guardian angels, and the other’s life is the most rare and precious gift I’ve been given in this lifetime.

  2. Wow! This photo makes me so happy and sad at the same time. Two beautiful women, mom and daughter. Two beautiful souls, so different, and yet, so alike. Your Mom was so proud of you. Her eyes lit up each and every time she spoke to me about you. LOVE was always her main topic when referring to any of her children….for she had so much love to give, and made sure she gave the healthiest of doses to the ones she loved most.
    I will never forget that beautiful lady. I remember her daily by seeing a little bottle of hot pink nail polish that sits on my shelf at work. Daily I greet her, daily I thank her for her undying friendship and the love she showed to me. Blessed…I am truly blessed that she shared so many special moments with me!

  3. Oh Jamie, you have no idea how timely and wonderful are your words. Thank you for your heart. Mom considered you one of her best friends–and you know how keeping them long-term while moving around was so hard. I am doing the same in my life, embedding her through some of her things, greeting her every day, thanking her. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I would love to come and see you soon, okay? Love and hugs to you.

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