denver botanical garden 120Last night, as I stood at the stove at my own birthday party and created, stirred, and spiced the soup, I listened to all of you (my children included) talking, laughing, connecting. You thought I was fussing over a dish, but hearing all my people meet and love each other as much as I love you all was one of the true gifts of the party. I am in awe of who I get to call Friends, new, long-time, and in between. Thank you, thank you.

Spiral: the perpetual dance of chaos and order = life, moments, parties, friendships, love.

Some of you were there in spirit rather than body because of all the brilliant schtuff to do in our little city last night (how I wish I could’ve split myself in half to go to all of it!). I felt your presence, especially whilst dancing. Thank you for that certainty.

Some of you didn’t come because I didn’t make my deadline (emphasis on the “my”). What you should know is where I am right now: at the computer (at my store), The Oat Project doc open, DOing it. Making my house clean for guests was another of the true gifts of taking the time to have a party…the ability to stand at the home desk and look upon loveliness instead of the messy results of being so busy = the space to finish the book. Thank you for your tenacious, patient, love and support, even when you’re frustrated with this process.

And I needed to reconnect, have been isolating for so long–for so many reasons–needed to remember, with these stronger, grief-tempered emotional muscles, my part in a community. Thank you.

This is the last push. The Last Push. Y’all won’t be seeing me much for a while, as I’m heading back into the lonely/rich place of manuscript only. See you on the other side, and thank you, so deeply, thank you, for your love, care, and the impetus/inspiration to keep writing. You make my life. Love and hugs, Jene’

6 thoughts on “The Spiral of a Party: On Friendship”

  1. I was thinking about you …we will get together soon. We will connect over food in the near future
    Your friend in the periphery,


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