Are you stuck? Out of ideas? Seeking a shift?

When we talk, we agree to invoke and honor the magic of Combustion and Spark. When two or more people meet up and connect, hearts are encouraged and problems get solved.

My aim isn’t to fix you but to help you navigate your situation. You’re awesome NOW.

We constantly have to balance between accepting Now, the certainty we’re whole as we are, and certainty that we can transform like a butterfly into what we know ourselves to be. To align the future moment with the current moment.

I have seen that it happens most often and profoundly and efficiently through connection. Lifelong connections, everyday acquaintances, the brilliant sparks of knowing a stranger immediately. These gossamer threads not only connect us all; they are the stuff of Life.

I spent most of my life finding ways to handle and manage life big problem solving, with logic and creativity, and no barriers to questioning. Because I just didn’t know any better, I created and used unique tips, tricks, and techniques.

I’m ready to pass them on to you, one-on-one or in our groups! Let’s go!