How to Get Your Wild Back and Integrate it into Everyday Life

Do you remember your inner Wild Child? Did you ever know her? Were you ever wild? Did life tame you?

Wildness is so opposite to everyday life in this disjointed, out-of-balance world that to reclaim our Wild and its energy requires intention and connection.

This is neither a yoga thing nor a get-back-to-nature thing. Marvelous people do wonderful workshops for those.

This is like spelunking. We will explore your innermost caverns, exploring your own deeps to survey where your life used to be wild and how you buried it.

The Wild Life is a practice, muscle memory, an ongoing series of conscious decisions to respect the Wild within yourself and others.

You will learn ways to rekindle your wild side, to bring your wonderful wildnesses to the surface so they can enrich your everyday life.

You will discover your own inner places of leverage that you can use to transform dissatisfaction, boredom, regret, and fear into joy and power, to tie the wild to your everyday life.

We will use examples found in my memoir, The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer, to guide and inspire your journey, from how not to do it to learning ways of seeing the world that have helped me navigate the years since first “going wild.”

You will leave having created your own path of wild, with tools to help you consistently integrate the Wild into everyday life.


  1. How to Leap Off the Cliff and Not Die! (Shift from the culture of risk aversion to your own style of risk management, with Discussion: Can you be responsible and still wild?)
  2. Your Brilliant Belly (Your gut brain and how to train yourself to trust your instincts)
  3. “I did it my way,” “No,” “I’m not listening” (What is rebellion and its place in modern life and your life)
  4. From Ho-hum Metaphor to Powerful Personal Metaphor (How you understand yourself, and how to level up your beliefs)
  5. Stop Paying Attention (The magic of the subconscious and how to use it)
  6. The Thing Called Hope (How to pull threads from your future, ideal self and weave them into your present)
  7. Wild Thing! (Your Wild nature and how to be a good creature)
  8. The Deepest Wild (What is LIWI and how it changes every single thing, with Discussion: The rightness of pleasure and fun)