And so it is here. The Oat Project is done, ready, being read by presale and (from way back) full subscribers. Are you ready? I don’t feel ready. But I’m doing it anyway.

Right now, this minute, I’m simultaneously wanting to RAWR, flee to the beach and hide my head in sand, carry around a copy of it as proof and tell everyone it’s my book, weep that my mother isn’t here, sleep for 2.7 days, insist my children call me “Author Mama,” not tell anyone, and and and…so much, too much.

However, my foremost emotion is GRATITUDE. So many people helped me along this nine year path. Strangers, long-time friends, new friends, people whose paths are woven into everyday life at the coffeeshops, stores, schools…everywhere. I’ve been dreaming of having a launch party for so long, so I could thank everyone who has helped me live, helped me keep pushing through to finish this book thing, helped me be a better mom…again, so. much.

So please join me on November 12th from 5 to 8pm at Cottonwood Center for the Arts, 527 E. Colorado Ave in Colorado Springs for a reading, signing, and YUGE party! I’ll be reading from the book, interviewing a couple of folks who are in it, taking questions, signing copies (we’ll have copies for sale!), and we’ll end with a dance party! Love to you all and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Nine Years in the Making – The Oat Project memoir”

  1. How can I buy your book? Amazon does not recognize it.

    Alicante Castle

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