WIN_20140810_173524You know how Life can go from 0 to 60 in fourteen seconds flat? I’m clocking in at 74 with an eye on 90. Before I tell you why, thank you, so very much, for walking through this life with me, for supporting my efforts as writer/photographer/singer/speaker/etc=Artist. I’m still going! Some changes have zoomed into my life lately. You’ll see an Announcement about The Book soon, but the biggest change is this: I’m now managing partner of a bookstore!

A few months ago, a dear friend who is also the owner of The Bookman said, “Ya wanna run my store, Jené ?” And it took one and a half seconds to say, “Yes, thank you.” That scared him a little, lol, but I knew instantly this was the right thing to do, for him and his wife (we call her Mrs. Bookman), for me and my kids, and for our future. It’s a strong base for all the writing and art I am doing and have planned, and it was a gift from heaven as an income. You will soon see announcements for author/writer/reader events as I change some things around and tweak things and try stuff…be an owner, in other words. You can find updates on incoming books, events, and photos of the two resident cats here. And I would love to see you all in person at 3163 W. Colorado Ave, from 10-7 Mon-Sat and 10-5 Sun. 🙂

Going from unemployed to being The Boss who grapples with Excel has required massive amounts of energy…energy that has not been present in my grieving body for over a year. Most days of the first few weeks at the store, I just fell into bed after getting home in the midst of grinding fatigue, but now, I’m slowly adjusting to the physical fortitude it takes to “do retail” and be walking, talking, and helping people for 9 hours at a stretch. And if you’ve been waiting patiently and impatiently on The Oat Project, know this: I have grown stronger and it has been a boon to the writing. No announcement yet, but it’s coming (translated: I’m writing).

Back in May, I was honored to once again be asked to tell a story for The Story Project, a local bi-monthly event that is broadcast on 91.5 fm and the Pikes Peak Library District TV channel. I told the story of three of the gifts and lessons from my mom’s last year alive.When I watched it, I was shocked at how calm I seemed. Sharon Friedman asked me to tell that story, and I worked so hard on it with absolutely no progress until two days before the event. I had not been able to make it through the entire thing without breaking down sobbing until what you see there, that night. December 4th looms on the horizon right now, the 2-year anniversary of Mom’s death, and you can read her eulogy here. Both the Story Project videos (May 2014 and the first one from February 2012 about love and the dunes) are archived on YouTube. You can find them here and here.

I’ll leave you (and get back to the writing) with this: While working on the book, I’ve come across the origins of several beliefs/mantras/theories now embedded in my life. From seven years ago! One of them (mentioned in the 2012 SP video) is “The heart is a muscle.” I hope you find opportunity to use and exercise your heartmuscle every day of your life. May you find the courage, build the strength, and rest in the grace of wholehearted living. Love and hugs, Jené

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  1. 74 MPH and gaining speed! Congrats on all your recent accomplishments! You deserve great things. I can’t wait to read the book!

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