So it’s 8:30 on a Friday, and it’s already been a banner night.

I was walking along, down my street, happy to be spending an hour with my camera and the light of sunset, and as I waited on a car to cross the street a block from home, the folks in that photo up there called from said car. “Jene’! What are you doing? You should come with us to an art show.”

“When?” I said.

“Right now! Hop in!” said Laszlo.

“Okay,” said I. Was I “dressed” for First Friday? Nope. T-shirt, skirt, and flip-flops, still sweating from our 100-degree day. But, heck, I couldn’t say no.

So I joined Laszlo and Andrea’s lovely girls in the back seat and became one of their family at a terrific opening at the galleries under the bridge. And though I was literally dripping in the heat, along with everyone else, it was most definitely Meant.

Reconnecting with the incomparable Kathryn Eastburn, meeting some lovely new people (love Little London!), running into her and her and him and you, seeing and being inspired by amazing art…though I hadn’t eaten supper and was tired and sweaty, it was so wonderful.

We live in such an amazing place. Small enough to run into people on the street; big enough that I constantly meet new friends. And the art! Such terrific artists totally going for it, doing what they love, doing it well, and sharing it with the whole world.

And when meeting new people tonight, they asked me what I “do.” And I said, “I’m an Artist.” And not one of them ran screaming from the room or looked at me oddly because I said that I write, speak, sing, photograph, and act. They all nodded and asked to read the book!

Tonight was also a perfect example of this:

car horizon never

You might be walking down the street, planning on a night of writing and work and “killin’ it,” and what you’re Supposed to do pulls up in a car and says “Get in!” So I did. I hope you do, too. 🙂

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