Kind-looking, smiling woman with brunette hair and red lipstick in a blue coat standing against a graffitied wall

People often say to me, “I’m stuck,” or “I’m so confused,” or “I can’t decide,” or “I’m out of ideas.” My heart squeezes in empathy and suddenly my brain…shifts…into a


high gear

          state of problem-solving

                    and ideas.

It happens on the phone with friends, in groups and meetings…even in the grocery line with total strangers! And somehow, from this combustion of ideas and the authentic connection of conversation, I help.

How does this happen? It’s my brain, connections, and whole Self in loving to help. It’s also that by finding ways to handle and manage my own life’s challenges, I have come up with unique tips, tricks, and techniques that I love to share.

When you and I talk, you receive that same attention, deep listening, and empathy as we trust to the combustion of ideas and authentic connection to get you seeing more clearly, getting unstuck, owning your courage, and moving forward in the kind of transformation that integrates into your everyday life for lasting change.

You won’t be alone as you navigate challenges through connection, problem solving, logic, and boatloads of out-of-the-box creativity.

Are you ready to connect, get ideas a-poppin’, and move forward? Choose your time here: (If you need a time outside of my schedule, please email me at