“Popcorn Style,” with Jene’

People often say to me, “I’m stuck,” or “I’m so confused,” or “I can’t decide,” or “I’m out of ideas.”

Suddenly, my heart and brain shift into a higher gear, a popcorn-popping-like state of problem solving and ideas. It happens on the phone with friends, in group planning meetings, and even in the grocery line with total strangers!

When you and I chat, you will get that same combustion of ideas, and authentic connection, as well as deep listening and empathy.

Real transformation happens most often, profoundly, and efficiently through connection. By finding ways to handle and manage my own life’s challenges, I have come up with unique tips, tricks, and techniques that I’m ready to pass on to you.

You won’t be alone as you navigate challenges. We can trust to the magic of connection to address whatever the issue with problem solving, logic and creativity, and no barriers to questioning. Let’s talk.