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T-Mobile thinks I’m in Mexico.

Last night, as I arrived at the unexpected gift of two nights in a condo on the beach, my phone pinged. I wondered who might be texting so late and looked to find T-Mobile’s cheerful message: “Welcome to Mexico! Texts are $.50 and calls are $1.79 per minute!”

T-Mobile is wrong. I’m in California. But I am close enough to our southerly neighbor that the signal’s line is blurred.

Now, I’m a flexible person—“bendy”—both physically and mentally. My bones are loosely joined, longer tendons making them flow and pop in and out of alignment easily.

I naturally adjust to circumstances. Though others perceive this as peacemaking, I have always thought it was the logical course for a shy person.

Lately, though, I’ve been wondering if it is more a part of who I am, rather than a behavior imprinted by a nomad upbringing. Adaptability is almost always a good thing…almost.

My trainer recommends lifting weights “to tighten you up a bit.” I wonder if I need to tighten up a bit metaphorically, too. To bend a little less. To stand tall and strong for myself. To perhaps expect and hope sometimes to be the one around which others adjust. Not always. Just sometimes.

Sometimes, a little play in the line throws everything off instead of making everything smoother. Sometimes, jiggy doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, Spot On is best.

Because T-Mobile’s towers can’t pinpoint my location, I lose phone service. And though I am all about Flow and Flexibility and Surfing the Circumstances, I’m embracing a little falcon-eyed focus to craft and move into the life I want.

So, Cheers on this day, to being Spot On! (I’m talkin’ to YOU, T-Mobile)

p.s. This is my entry for day three, the day of “C” for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. 🙂 MUAH!

p.p.s Thank you, gals at Katy’s Cafe on the IB for staying open late so I could post this. You rock. xoxox


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