Jené Jackson is the author of The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer, a memoir about how she finally sowed her wild oats, doing 25 things her preacher’s daughter upbringing never allowed, like getting drunk, dancing, skinny dipping, smoking weed, and more…at the ripe age of 37 while a wife and mother of three. She was raised all over the U.S. as a preacher’s daughter before finally rebelling. When she’s not working on her first novel and the sequels to her memoir, she’s photographing, belly laughing with friends, making art, singing jazz, or squeezing words from her teenage children while driving them home from school. She lives in Colorado Springs and even does yoga and hikes every now and then like a good Coloradan. You can connect with her on Facebook at, on Instagram at, and at

I write and edit, speak, sing, act, and photograph light and pattern. If it’s on a stage–and is not karaoke–it’s all right. My B.A. in political science from Southern Nazarene University did not lead to law school or being a missionary to Russia. I finally discovered my tribe in the Colorado Springs arts community through art and many brilliant friends. I’ve sung in front of thousands and barefoot with whiskey, been Member Liaison for Pikes Peak Writers, on the board of directors for the Pikes Peak Arts Council, run a bookstore, sold advertising for my local alt-weekly newspaper, worked with the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, and created mostly fails but sometimes brilliant smoothies at Nourish Organic Juice until the pandemic closed the shop. I finally began to give wings to my wanderlust with 18 days in Paris in 2016 and an epic trip to Spain and Morocco in 2018. And, as mentioned and never forgotten, the hub of my life is my three children, of whom I am beyond proud.

  • Popcorn popper of an idea-producer.
  • Naturally and generously helpful with brainstorming and life transformation.
  • Speaker whose words captivate, catalyze, and…hm, a “c” word…challenge.
  • Large-eared listener who asks good questions.