Oh, dear ones. You know how we’re all trained by media for the PRE-announcement announcement? Well, here’s one:

It has been one. long. haul. holy cow. Almost exactly nine years ago, I set off on an adventure I thought would be silly and worthy of laughter. In one summer, I planned to do 20+ things others usually do when teenagers…sow my wild oats…at 37, in the midst of being a mom. And it was silly.

But it was also transformational. I faced massive embedded fear that had jailed my life, triggering increased panic attacks and turmoil, as well as illuminating the reality of my nice, safe life. I was a different person by the end of that summer. You may have read much about it and what followed afterwards on this blog.

So the pre-announcement: I’m almost done with the book. REALLY done. Book-soaked-brain done. I know where to end it done. Looking at launch party dates done. So stay tuned and know you are considered the best of all the people in the world for staying with me through all the schtuff it’s taken to get this far. (You amazing full subscribers, you’ll know first, because thank you again and again for helping me live back then.) Love and hugs and see you on the oh-my-gosh flip side soon!

p.s. I’m not really silently correcting your grammar.

p.p.s. Okay, I AM, but I would never in a million YEARS actually say anything out loud…unless you’re one of my children. 😉

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