A Lovely Love Story: Paris and “Eye Prefer Paris”

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All Those Beginnings

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The Church of Wild is really, actually, finally here!

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Welcome to the Church of Wild!

Hi! I’m Jené. Those words, “church” and “wild”, have multilayered, rich, and complex meanings in my life.

It was only in the last few years that I am at peace with what I experienced in the world of Church and ready to explore the whole world of Wild. This is where all of that will be happening. Here’s how (links below and in the site menu):

The Weekly Wild

Every Sunday starting soon, I will be showing up on LIVE streaming to speak my truth and hang out with all y’all. My voice has finally come back alive since leaving church over twenty years ago, and I’m no longer afraid to be heard and seen. I hope what I share helps you, even in small ways or “I never thought about it that way.” You can find a little preview here.


It’s one thing to inspire through writing and speaking…they are as valid, useful, and authentic as all other ways of helping people. But something new happened over the last few years as I’ve processed my trauma and healed through hardworking therapy. I’ve accepted and fallen in love with who I am; with my natural talents and ways of seeing and navigating the world. And I want to support you by sharing both what I’ve learned from others, and the core metaphors and tools I’ve created to handle life. So that will happen with one-on-one consultations. Schedule time and check out my message to you here. I can’t wait to meet you!

The Course

What would happen to our world if we all integrated the wild back into everyday life? This course is an exploration of how to do that, where I guide you in spelunking your soul and assumptions to bring your inner Wild Child back to life. We use examples from my memoir, The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer, to guide and inspire your journey, from how not to do it to learning ways of navigating the world that have helped me in the years since first “going wild.” Register here. You will leave having reinvigorated your own path of wild, with tools to help you consistently integrate the Wild into everyday life.

The YoniFlower Collection Store

I got my first camera in middle school, and since that moment, I’ve captured the wonders of light and shadow, action and pattern, all of Life through a lens. I also used to draw clothes and shoe designs on the back of the church bulletin while my dad preached (and I only half listened). Now, through the store I built over our COVID year after my job closed, I’m designing apparel with my photographs as the raw material. I hope to make clothes that make people feel rebellious and wonderful and happy. Check it out here to feel those confident smiles, from the simple act of wearing a pair of leggings.

And More…

Over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered a cadre of SisterFriends. We have been helping and supporting each other, collaborating, and planning. There’s even more amazing Stuff on the horizon, in the works, coming soon soon soon! And if you know me through my first book, a memoir, I hope you stay tuned as I’m working on books numbers 2, 3, and 4…including a science fiction novel. I am am AM writing, even with all this other fun stuff going on. Let’s walk (and dance) this journey of Life together.

p.s. Check out the book that started it all, the project of doing Wild things that cracked open my life in 2007: The Oat Project: How I Faced My Fear and Came of Age in One Wild Summer. I’m reworking the cover for a new marketing push, so if you want this original cover, jump on it. 😉